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a drunkard's wasted wine

Midnight Rambler
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"They believed in sex and looking good, with their own brand of music"
--Royal Trux sleevenote

"Abair ach beagan is abair gu math e"

"He is a black-clad fountain of hilarity." - redshira
13th floor elevators, absinthe, aldous huxley, aleister crowley, ambient, ancient egypt, animal print, anna karenina, anything victorian, apocalyptic folk, being rawth, bela tarr, black leather, black metal, black sabbath, blade runner, blair witch, books, burlesque, caligula, candles, carnival of souls, cats, centralia mine fire, charity shops, che guevara, chernobyl, chess, church bells, cool silk on skin, cthulhu, current 93, dario argento, darkly erotic thoughts, darkthrone, denying gothdom, di'anno maiden, driving, edgar allen poe, edvard munch, elegance, eyeliner, fishnet, football, forests, františek vláčil, franz kafka, french perfume models, funeral doom, gaelic, gargoyles, gigerotica, graveyards, greyfriars, guns n roses, hammer horror, heart of midlothian, hiroshi teshigahara, horror movies, hp lovecraft, hr giger, incense, insane girls, intensity, iona, islands, isolation, j g ballard, jack daniel's, jack kerouac, jacques tati, julian cope, lakota, lammermuirs, ligeia, longformacus, manic street preachers, marketa lazarova, marquis de sade, mead, misanthropy, modern times, mrow?, mull, my sharon, nature, neil m gunn, nikola tesla, nosferatu, nudity, oakland raiders, oral sex, pale white skin, passion, penguin classics, pentangle, philosophical taoism, photography, pizza, placebo, plants, railways, ramones, red haired girls, red wine, robert burns, robert johnson, roddy woomble, russia, russian literature, salad fingers, satire, scotland, scottish fiction, sensual pleasure, sepia, silent films, silk, skye, socialism, soft toys, st kilda, stone circles, sub-culture, suspiria, sympathy for the devil, tallinn, the company of wolves, the cramps, the cure, the damned, the hanseatic league, the mighty boosh, the picts, the rolling stones, the velvet underground, the wicker man, travel, tynecastle, uncle acid, vanity, velvet, videodrome, vidna obmana, walking, watching rain, whitby, winter trees, wolves, yasujiro ozu