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The 100+ Podcasts

As mentioned in the previous post, I find myself subscribed to over 100 podcasts. Some of these I haven't listened to any episodes of yet, so I may find myself unsubscribing rapidly when I hit them. But for the meantime, here is what they are and their accompanying blurb. (apologies for Apple's alphabetical sorting putting numbers after letters instead of their rightful place before them...)
Every one of these is absolutely 100% free... we live in an amazing age.

1. Actual Innocence
Actual innocence is a podcast that tells the story of people who served time for crimes they did not commit. Each episode will introduce an exonerated person and the story of how the criminal justice system failed them. Giving a voice to those who were once robbed of their liberty brings us closer to reform in the justice system… and closer to freedom and justice for the wrongly accused.

2. The After Movie Diner
A weekly movie podcast. Two friends, in a diner, discuss a movie. New or old. Also features music, comedy and sometimes celebrity interviews.

3. Against The Stream
Dharma talks by Noah Levine, author of Dharma Punx and Against the Stream, and other teachers at Against the Stream Buddhist Meditation Society in Los Angeles and elsewhere.

4. Anglo Saxon England
Podcast that tells the story of how a new country and culture emerged from the chaos of the Dark Ages; and the story of the period that laid the foundations of modern England.

5. Audio Dime Museum
From the Just A Story team, comes a weekly, serialized experimental storytelling podcast which explores historical legends through the artifacts on display in the Audio Dime Museum. Part guided tour, part radio drama; each episode presents the curious story of one object from the collection. Meet your guide on this journey, The Curator, and learn her secrets as you delve into the world of possibility, magic and the unknown. Merging the suspenseful style of mystery with the conventions of ghost stories and the peculiarity that only historical fact can provide, this podcast is not for the faint of heart.

6. Aural Apocalypse
Hosted by DJ Merrick. Featuring: Dark Ambient, Neo-Folk, Militant, Neo-Classical, Medieval Music and more. Expect the unexpected and unexplored. Deliciously dark tunes emanating from the realms of beauty and sorrow to the depths of wrath and madness. Songs of power, passion, and perversion. Enjoy the best new and old music from these lesser-known gothic sub-genres as well as special features such as "News of the Apocalypse" and concert calendar updates....

7. Aussie Waves Podcast
Australian history through the lens of migration.

8. Best Of The Boro
Mark Drury, Neil Maddison and Rob Law with the latest Boro news; post-match interviews and reaction following all matches. (Middlesbrough FC)

9. Black Metal Moments
Esu from The Murder Cult, talks about the history of Black Metal chronologically by release date of demos and albums.

10. B-Movie Cast
The B-Movie Cast is a website, podcast, and forum devoted to all things B-movie and cult move related. We talk about B-Movies, Cult, Art House, Independent, Drive-In, Horror, Biker Euro Trash, DVD, Italian Thrillers, Exploitation, Vintage TV genre. We also discuss B-Movie Magazines, Music, Tradeshows, and Expos.

11. Bohemican
A look into the history, culture, traditions, and people of the Czech Republic from the eyes of two American expats.

12. The Bright Sessions
Dr. Bright provides therapy for the strange and unusual; their sessions have been recorded for research purposes.

13. The Bunker
The Bunker is a breakfast radio show for the post-apocalypse generation! One hundred years after a vague cataclysmic event, Tom, Dave and David decide to host a one hour radio programme from their underground bunker, complete with guests, interviews, short stories and music. They also have to deal with the possibility of starvation, madness, monsters- both metaphorical and literal- and, worst of all, each other.

14. Challenge Of The Yukon - OTRwesterns
Challenge of the Yukon was a long-running radio series that began on Detroit’s station WXYZ (as had The Lone Ranger and The Green Hornet), and an example of a Northern genre story. The series was first heard on February 3, 1938. The program was an adventure series about Sergeant William Preston of the Northwest Mounted Police and his lead sled dog, Yukon King, as they fought evildoers in the Northern wilderness during the Gold Rush of the 1890s. Preston, according to radio historian Jim Harmon, first joined the Mounties to capture his father’s killer, and when he was successful he was promoted to Sergeant. Preston worked under the command of Inspector Conrad, and in the early years was often assisted by a French-Canadian guide named Pierre.

15. Cinema Gadfly
A podcast about trading films with friends. Each month I choose a film for a friend to watch and they choose one for me. Then we discuss.

16. Clarkesworld Magazine Science Fiction & Fantasy
Science fiction and fantasy stories from Clarkesworld, a Hugo and World Fantasy Award-winning digital magazine. Stories from Clarkesworld have been nominated for or won the Hugo, Nebula, World Fantasy, Sturgeon, Locus, BSFA, Ditmar, Aurora, Shirley Jackson, WSFA Small Press and Stoker Awards.

17. Classic Album Sundays
Classic Album Sundays is the world’s favourite album listening event and we remind you why you love music. Our listening sessions allow the music fan to fully immerse themselves into their favourite album or an album they have never heard before. We play the records that provided the musical context and tell the story behind the featured album. This is followed by an uninterrupted vinyl replay of the album on our world-class hi-fi which reveals details most listeners have never heard and gets them closer to the artist’s intention. Some of our events feature guests including authors, DJs, radio hosts, record producers and even the artists themselves. Classic Album Sundays founder Colleen ‘Cosmo’ Murphy hosts radio shows for the BBC and other radio platforms and is a journalist, a world renown DJ and one of the leading authorities on the vinyl revival.

18. Classic Film Jerks
Join movie fans Michael DiGiovanni and Andrew Bloom as they set out to determine if all these so called classic films are indeed just that.

19. The Classic Horror Cast
(gets by without a blurb, apparently)

20. The Cleansed: A Post-Apocalyptic Saga
Equal parts "Mad Max" and "The Stand," this post apocalyptic saga is set in a world 15 years after the collapse of the world as we know it. A brother and sister grow up in rural Maine and unwittingly embark on a adventure to save the City from the religious zealots and ruthless military fight for control over the fallen world. An epic serialized audio drama adventure with 30+ actors, cinematic sound design and original music. Winner of Mark Time Award for sci-fi audio and finalist in Romania's Grand Prix Nova award.

21. Comedy Of The Week
Brighten your week with the latest BBC Radio 4 comedy. Comedians including Mark Thomas and Tom Wrigglesworth alongside classic shows such as Just A Minute and Ed Reardon.

22. Costing The Earth
Programme looking at man's effect on the environment and how the environment reacts, questioning accepted truths, challenging those in charge and reporting on progress towards improving the world

23. Criterion Cast: Main Episodes
This feed is just the main episodes of the CriterionCast, without any of the bonus episodes.

24. The Criterion Correction
Welcome to the Criterion Correction! In this podcast, we'll be delving into the Criterion Collection of films to try and figure out what each says about the craft of cinema and what, exactly, it takes to become part of the collection. Join us for rousing conversation and many, many references to geekery and film culture.

25. The Criterion Quest - The Talkin' Pictures
Three friends band together on an epic quest to make their way through the entire Criterion Collection

26. Deathcast
Everything you always wanted to know about death, dying, and the dead. It's not grim...it's fun. Really.

27. Director's Club
Monthly movie podcast, with bonus episodes throughout, that center around the work of one director per show. Hosted by Jim Laczkowski & Patrick Ripoll, with potential guests for the future.

28. The Documentary
The best of BBC World Service documentaries and other factual programmes.

29. Documentary On One - RTE Documentaries
Multi award winning documentaries from Ireland. With over 1,500 documentaries on offer, the Documentary On One has the largest archive of documentaries available globally. These productions are radio stories about real life and contain documentaries dating as far back as 1954, right up to the present day. A wealth of life, ideas and experiences are on offer - but most importantly - stories. Winner of over 150 national and international awards since 2008, why not immerse yourself in a world of sound, story and character.

30. Dr History's Tales Of The Old West
Dr. History's audio stories of the Old West. Stories of Cowboys, Indians, Mountain men, pioneers, the Oregon Trail, miners, cattle drives, stagecoach and bank robbers, the cavalry, outlaws and lawmen, some famous and some you have never heard of. From the Custer Battlefield to the Klondike to Indian battles to buried treasure and lost mines to the early explorers. I love telling true stories that shaped the old west.

31. Drama Of The Week
Every Friday we bring you a new drama from BBC Radio 4 or Radio 3. Exercise your imagination with some of the best writers and actors on radio. Storytelling at its very best.

32. The Dynamite In The Brain Anime Podcast
The anime podcast where the two hosts invite their friends from around the world to have conversations about anime and manga, play stupid games and occasionally sing.

33. The Early Music Show
An exploration of early music, looking at early developments in musical performance and composition both in Britain and abroad

34. Elements
A close look at chemical elements, the basic building blocks of the universe. Where do we get them, what do we use them for and how do they fit into our economy?

35. The Engaging Ireland Podcast
Travis and Kathy Nelson talk about Irish travel, history and culture...as well as their own desire to live in Ireland. If you dream of traveling to Ireland and want to make your dream a reality, this is the podcast for you! Includes tips for travel in Ireland and information about places to see. Podcasting "live" from Ireland, whenever the opportunity presents itself.

36. Enter The Void
In this show, William Beutler and Renan Borelli, formerly of KubrickCast, examine one mind-bending film per episode. Directors whose films are likely to come up: David Lynch, Werner Herzog, Christopher Nolan, Terrence Malik, Terry Gilliam, Lars Von Trier, and yes, Stanley Kubrick.

37. Entitled Opinions (About Life And Literature)
Entitled Opinions is a literary talk show on Stanford University Radio, KZSU, in which Professor Robert Harrison interviews guests about issues that range from literature and philosophy to politics and sports.

38. Escape Pod
The Science Fiction Podcast Magazine. Each week Escape Pod delivers science fiction short stories from today's best authors. Listen today, and hear the new sound of science fiction!

39. Foot Stompin Free Scottish Music Podcast
Our regular free Scottish music podcast from Scotland featuring the very best of Gaelic, Scots, bagpipes, fiddle, harp music, Scottish bands, ceilidh bands, highland Scottish music, pipe band, traditional, folk and celtic. Visit Foot Stompin for all things Scottish

40. The Forest Passage
The Forest Passage is a monthly Post-Industrial podcast mixed and produced by Heathen Harvest journalist and editor Raul Antony (DJ ANARCH). All mixes for The Forest Passage are live recordings with minimal post-production.

41. Friday Night Comedy from BBC Radio 4
Download the best new comedy from Radio 4, every Friday. Features The News Quiz, The Now Show, Dead Ringers and The Museum of Curiosity.

42. Global Pillage
Global Pillage is a brand new comedy panel show podcast all about idiom, culture, customs and norms. What do the Japanese mean when they accuse someone of "having a cat on their head"?What do your friends make you do if you're unmarried by thirty in Germany?What did the acronym NORWICH mean (the equivalent of sexting jargon) if sent between World War Two sweethearts?All the oddness of humanity is explored in this hilarious new show where TWO TEAMS OF COMEDIANS take on the HIVE MIND OF THE AUDIENCE. This show is about the diversity of human experience. Come with us as we pillage the globe for the strange but true ways of the human race.

43. Golden Age Horror Classic Horror Movie Podcast
The 1930’s were an interesting time for horror pictures. Other than perhaps the 1960’s, the 1930s were responsible for the greatest boom of talented creators and quality horror pictures that has and probably ever will exist. Nosferatu Golden Age Horror The advent of the “talkie” and the increasing scale and power of the Hollywood studio system created a unique synthesis of the German films of the previous decade and new, prevailing tastes and film techniques. The 1920s and the early 1930s culturally were in a period of reaction to the Victorian era – sex was a newly broachable subject, and institutions like church and state were increasingly open to interpretation. As is true throughout the 20th century, science began to advance at an incredible, exponential rate and although there is little actual science at work, the films in this volume are filled with buzzwords from psychology and physics.
(the blurb goes on forever, I've cut it here)

44. The Greatest Movie EVER Podcast
A podcast dedicated to reviewing the greatest movies EVER...or at least weird and idiosyncratic films.

45. The HP Lovecraft Literary Podcast
We're fans of Lovecraftian stories, movies, comics and the like. In each podcast, we discuss a specific H.P. Lovecraft story - what it's about, how it reads, why it may have been written and what other works of art it's influenced. It's fun and a little creepy. Won't you join us? The horrid truth is that you already have!

46. The History Of Egypt Podcast
The land of Egypt as it was, as they described it, as they knew it. A podcast tale of love, war, exploration, and culture, told through the eyes of the ancients themselves.

47. History Of Japan
This podcast, assembled by a PhD student in History at the University of Washington, covers the entire span of Japanese history. Each week we'll tackle a new topic, ranging from prehistoric Japan to the modern day.

48. History Of The Crusades
Over 900 years ago, thousands of Christians invaded the Middle East, intent on taking the Holy Land from the Muslims. The following 200 years were marked by a series of military campaigns known as the Crusades. Join us to follow the history of the Crusades from 1095 onwards. Castles, battles, religious clashes, Richard the Lionheart, the Assassins, Eleanor of Aquitaine, Saladin, the Knights Templar - all will feature as we examine one of the most interesting periods in history.

49. Human Atavist Podcast
This Podcast is a resource for those searching for a more wild and primal life. ReWilding underpins the theme for all of the info, from happiness, fulfillment, and purpose, to nutrition, fitness and lifestyle design. If you love natural movement, traditional diets and how to implement such ideas, subscribe and join this movement now!

50. In The Queue - Film Conversations With Andrew and Phil
Your hosts Phil and Andrew blast your ears and blow your minds with some insightful and entertaining discussion about all things film-related. Join us!

51. The Infinite Monkey Cage
Witty, irreverent look at the world through scientists' eyes. With Brian Cox and Robin Ince

52. The Inquiry
One pressing question from the news. Four expert witnesses. Challenging answers.

53. Inward Empire
"The past is another country; they do things differently there." Inward Empire explores the role of ideas and ideology in American history -- how the surface of actions and events can be shaped by undercurrents of thought and belief. Accessible and thoroughly researched, each episode is a window into a world that is both profoundly foreign and strikingly similar to our own.

54. Irish History Podcast
Have you ever been puzzled by history? Did people really only live to 40? Maybe you’ve been puzzled how people survived before email, phones, cars or even proper roads?

55. The Irish Revolution
The Irish Revolution was a module taught by renowned historian Professor Michael Laffan in the School of History at University College Dublin from the mid-1970's until his retirement in 2010. The course covers a tumultuous period in Irish history and examines the interaction of different groups (in particular unionists, moderate and radical nationalists, and the British), the causes and impact of events (such as the Home Rule Crisis, the Easter Rising, and the Treaty), and patterns of continuity and discontinuity in the period spanning the First World War. In association with the UCD College of Arts and Celtic Studies and historyhub.ie all 10 lectures were recorded.

56. The Jack Benny Show
A podcast of the greatest Old Time Radio ever, The Jack Benny Program! Starring Jack Benny with Mary Livingstone, Phil Harris, Rochester, Dennis Day, and Don Wilson. The Jack Benny Show AKA The Jello Program AKA The Lucky Strike Program aired from the 1930's right through to the 1950's. Each week your host, John Henderson, brings an episode from that week 60-80 years ago. It's old, yet still as funny as ever.

57. Jackdaw Sandwich Record Club
Coming in your earholes! 4 Music lovers broadening our horizons and falling in love with music again

58. Kingdom, Empire and Plus Ultra: Conversations On The History of Portugal & Spain
This series consists of interviews with leading experts in the areas of Portuguese and Spanish history, from the beginning of the Portuguese discoveries in 1415 to the end of Spanish dominion in America in 1898. The interviews, conducted by historian Dr Edward Collins, cover a range of topics on the domestic and overseas histories of both nations, which include, among others: the Portuguese explorations of Africa and Asia, Spanish navigation and settlement in America, the church in Portugal and Spain, monarchy and intermarriage in the Iberian kingdoms, natural science and mapping in America, the role of nautical science, Irish historical relations with Portugal and Spain, and imperial competition in Europe and overseas

59. Kubrick Cast
A limited series podcast exploring the filmography of Stanley Kubrick. Hosts William Beutler and Renan Borelli focus on one film per episode, tell the story behind each, and attempt to explain what made Kubrick one of the most-admired filmmakers of all time.

60. Last Podcast On The Left
The Last Podcast On The Left covers all the horrors our world has to offer both imagined and real, from demons and slashers to cults and serial killers, The Last Podcast is guaranteed to satisfy your blood lust.

61. Laura Barton's Notes From A Musical Island
Music writer Laura Barton visits four corners of Britain and listens closely to the music found in different landscapes.

62. Lore
Lore is a podcast about the frightening history behind common folklore.

63. MarsCorp
From the creators of The Bunker podcast - MarsCorp is a 12-part scripted comedy podcast about Station Supervisor E.L. Hob’s first year at MarsCorp, a terraforming colony established on the red planet in 2070.

64. The Martyrmade Podcast
Religion, ritual, ideology, nationalism, identity... Human beings are meaning-seeking creatures, and history is the tale of the many ways our remarkable species has sought to orient itself in the world. From Zionist zealots and radical Islam to human sacrifice and aboriginal mythology, The MartyrMade Podcast will jump into the transcendent dreams and dark nightmares we've conjured in our search for significance.

65. Masters Of Cinema Cast
The Masters of Cinema Cast is a podcast dedicated to the films of the Masters of Cinema collection. In each episode we pick a release and dissect the film in question along with a look at the special features and technical qualities of the disc.

66. Medieval Archives
The Medieval Archives podcast transports you back to an age of heroic kings, gallant knights and pious bishops. Separate fact from fiction and find out how the men and women of the middle ages really lived.

67. Medieval Death Trip
On Medieval Death Trip, we feature a selected medieval text (often historical, occasionally literary) that touches on the odd, the gruesome, the unexpected, and similarly curious incidents, images, or ideas. In addition to presenting the text itself, each episode features commentary and musings upon that text.

68. The MFR Shinty Show
(sadly now discontinued, this was a weekly radio show on shinty. I keep subscribed in the hope it will be resurrected)

69. The Morbid Anatomy Transmission
The Morbid Anatomy Transmission is the official podcast of the Morbid Anatomy Museum in Brooklyn, New York. The Morbid Anatomy Museum is an exhibition, library, and event space that explores "the intersections of death, beauty, and that which falls between the cracks." On this podcast, host Molly McBride Jacobson interviews event hosts, experts, and eccentrics on topics relating to death culture and obscure history.

70. The Moth Podcast
Since its launch in 1997, The Moth has presented thousands of true stories, told live and without notes, to standing-room-only crowds worldwide. Moth storytellers stand alone, under a spotlight, with only a microphone and a roomful of strangers. The storyteller and the audience embark on a high-wire act of shared experience which is both terrifying and exhilarating. Since 2008, The Moth podcast has featured many of our favorite stories told live on Moth stages around the country.

71. Mountain
Mountain is a show about adventure in wild places. Stories of climbers, explorers and those that go to the hills to go home. Hosted by Christopher Sleight.

72. Movie House Memories' Greatest Films
Welcome to the Movie House Memories biweekly podcast of movies we feel you should see sometime in your life.

73. My Dad Wrote A Porno
Imagine if your Dad wrote a dirty book. Most people would try to ignore it and pretend it had never happened - but not Jamie Morton. Instead, he's decided to read it to the world in this brand new comedy podcast. With the help of his friends, James Cooper and BBC Radio 1's Alice Levine, Jamie will be reading a chapter a week and discovering more about his father than he ever bargained for.

74. National Library Of Scotland's Posts
National Library of Scotland's recent posts to audioboom.com

75. Natural Histories
Brett Westwood explores our relationship with nature and its impact on human culture and society, complimented by comedy sketches and the Natural History Heroes series. UK Only.

76. The Next Reel Film Podcast
Subscribe to THE weekly podcast for movie people! Features in-depth reviews of classic films and contemporary hits, with ratings, rankings, and interviews.

77. Norman Centuries: A Norman History Podcast
Lars Brownworth, author of "Lost to the West" and creator of the "12 Byzantine Rulers" podcast presents "Norman Centuries", a podcast on the Normans. While popular Norman history focuses on the regions of France and England, Norman Centuries covers the lesser known Italian Normans as well.

78. Northwestern Huddlecast
Northwestern Huddlecast is a THN podcast hosted by former Wildcats football players CJ Bacher & TJ Jones. (Northwestern Wildcats NCAA Football)

79. The Oddcast: Tales Of The Occult, Weird and Arcane
Readings of weird fiction and science fiction short stories combined with minimalistic sound design.

80. Off The Ball
Scottish football gets a kicking from BBC Radio Scotland’s Off the Ball, presented by Stuart Cosgrove and Tam Cowan.

81. Otaku Spirit Anime
Otaku Spirit Animecast is a series of podcast episodes that focus on the Anime culture. Reviews, News, and tons of discussion. Stuff for all anime fans, from anime fans.

82. Out Of The Past: Investigating Film Noir
Each film noir weaves its own yarn of longing, corruption, and fateful decisions. In each episode of this podcast series, Clute and Edwards investigate one noir or neo-noir in detail. Following various threads of inquiry, they attempt to unravel the vast canvas of noir

83. Passing Places
Scotland by motorhome, motorcycle, bicycle and hill walking. Information and travel advice on the more remote and scenic parts of Scotland and the great outdoors including the Highlands and Islands. A Scottish podcast.

84. The Philosopher's Arms
Matthew Sweet examines philosophical problems with a live audience in a pub

85. The Podcast Of Doom
Greetings! Welcome to the Podcast of Doom--a podcast that explores the famous disasters and emphatically bad decisions of history. We will travel around the world and analyze how these calamities occurred.

86. PodCastle
PodCastle is the world’s first audio fantasy magazine. Weekly, we broadcast the best in fantasy short stories, running the gammut from heart-pounding sword and sorcery, to strange surrealist tales, to gritty urban fantasy, to the psychological depth of magical realism. Our podcast features authors including Peter Beagle, Benjamin Rosenbaum, Jim C. Hines, and Cat Rambo, among others. Terry Pratchett once wrote, “Fantasy is an exercise bicycle for the mind. It might not take you anywhere, but it tones up the muscles that can.” Tune in to PodCastle each Tuesday for our weekly tale, and spend the length of a morning commute giving your imagination a work out.

87. The Projection Booth
Join us for a discussion of cult films. Featuring reviews, interviews, and news.

88. Pseudopod
The Sound of Horror. Pseudopod is the world's first audio horror magazine. We deliver bone-chilling stories from today's most talented authors straight to ears.

89. A Quiet Mind
A Quiet Mind - Spirituality, Peace, Awareness and Well Being

90. Radio 4 On Music
From Armstrong to Zappa - music documentaries from the Radio 4 archive.

91. Raiders.com Official Podcast
Hosted by nationally syndicated sports talk radio host JT The Brick, the Raiders.com Official Podcast offers weekly insight on the Silver and Black. (Oakland Raiders NFL football)

92. Requiem Metal Podcast
A podcast all about the heaviest of metal.

93. Revisionist History
Welcome to Revisionist History, a new podcast from Malcolm Gladwell and Panoply Media. Each week, over the course of 10 weeks, Revisionist History will go back and reinterpret something from the past. An event. A person. An idea. Something overlooked. Something misunderstood. Because sometimes the past deserves a second chance.

94. Richard Herring: Happy Now?
Podcast to accompany Richard Herring's 2016 tour. He examines the nature of happiness.

95. Richard Herring's Meaning Of Life
Richard Herring's latest internet project, a six episode stand-up show about the big questions of life like Creation, the Paranormal, Love and Death.

96. RTE - Speaking Ill Of The Dead
Speaking Ill of the Dead is a series of lectures recorded in March at the National Museum in Dublin. The conference was co-sponsored by RTÉ and the National Museum. Historians were asked to choose a figure from Irish history (though not necessarily Irish born) for whom they had an aversion and speak about them before an audience. Among the historians addressing the conference were Prof. Tom Bartlett, Prof Paul Bew, Senator Martin Mansergh, Senator David Norris, Ruth Dudley Edwards and Museum Director, Dr. Pat Wallace. Among the reputations under attack were those of Edward Carson, William Gladstone, Kevin O'Higgins, Arthur Balfour and Countess Markievicz. The idea originated from the Montana Historical Association 'Speaking Ill of the Dead: Jerks in Montana History' annual Lecture series.

97. Russian Rulers History Podcast
First we follow the Russian rulers from Rurik to Putin then take to recounting all aspects of Russian history.

98. Saga Thing
Saga Thing is a podcast for people who love history, literature, Vikings and all things medieval. In each episode, the hosts review a saga from medieval Iceland and then dig in to categories for discussion, including: Best Bloodshed, Body Count, Notable Witticisms, Nicknames, Outlawry, Thingmen, and Ratings.

99. Saturday Night Freak Show
Each Saturday, the Internet Radio Superstars (Colin, Travis, Sean and Holly) assemble for some movie watchin' and analysis, with the accent on geek cinema, horror, sci-fi, and action films - chosen round-robin style by the Saturday Night Freak Show!

100. Schlock Treatment
Welcome to Schlock Treatment, where we think that bad movies make good medicine! This is the podcast that prescribes a piece of hilariously bad schlock cinema each week, and then discusses it as self-esteem therapy! Yes, it really and truly works! Watch the prescribed movie, and then tune in to hear the Treatment from hosts Marc, Doug, Matt, and Kirk!

101. Scotland Outdoors
Your free, weekly, pocket guide to the Scottish outdoors. A flavour of the countryside in 15 minutes! From BBC Radio Scotland

102. Scottish Football
Keep up to date with Scottish football by with the daily BBC Scottish football podcast. Breaking stories, match reaction, big names and insights into our national game.

103. The Scottish History Podcast
(another that gets by without a blurb)

104. The Scottish Song Guide
An insight into the stories, events and characters which inspired the writing of some of Scotland's finest traditional songs. Written and presented by Douglas Kay & Martin Philip - The Sorries.

105. The Secret Cabinet
In the 19th century museums used to lock away everything which they deemed "unsuitable" for the public in secret cabinets. This podcast focuses on the parts of history you would not find in your school textbooks - for good reason. (Explicit Content)

106. Simply Scottish
Scottish history and culture with the best music from Scotland's new and established artists. Your half-hour dose of all things Scottish every other week!

107. Socialist Voices
This is the channel for the Scottish Socialist Party and Acting Strange Theatre Co. Exclusive music, news views and observations from the left in Scotland.

108. The Soggy Bog Of Doom Show

109. The Solid Verbal: Living College Football
The best podcast for college football. Because you don't just like college football, you live it.

110. Someone Else's Movie
SOMEONE ELSE'S MOVIE is just what it says on the label: Each week, an actor, director, screenwriter, critic or industry observer will discuss a film that he or she admires, but had no hand in making. Hosted by Norm Wilner, senior film writer for NOW Magazine.

111. Stone Pages Archaeo News
Stone Pages presents a weekly podcast with the latest archaeology news, mainly related to prehistory, megalithic monuments and discoveries.

112. Stories From 1916 Podcast
The Stories From 1916 Podcast tells the less well-known stories from Ireland's revolutionary period. We use first hand accounts and archive material to tell the stories of ordinary men and women who did extra-ordinary things during this interesting period in Irish history. A significant portion of this is possible due to the Military Witness Statement collection in the Bureau of Military History, Military Archives in Cathal Brugha Barracks, Rathmines. These witness statement are available on line and without charge in a true public service. They frankly record the chaos and confusion of the rising, the optimism, fear and killings.

113. Stuff You Should Know
How do landfills work? How do mosquitos work? Join Josh and Chuck as they explore the Stuff You Should Know about everything from genes to the Galapagos in this podcast from HowStuffWorks.com.

114. Stygian Passage

115. Thelema Now! Crowley, Ritual & Magick
Our mission is to provide listeners with interesting, informative, thought-provoking interviews featuring individuals involved in myriad realms of mysticism, spirituality and magical theory and practice: authors, sorcerers, academics, entertainers. We’ll be looking into everything except inter and intra organizational politics as that’s ground very thoroughly tilled by other programs.

116. They Shot Pictures
A film podcast focused on films from older and/or somewhat obscure directors.

117. Travel Stories Podcast
Weekly inspiring stories of freedom and adventure from seasoned travelers, backpackers and lovers of travel. With entertaining and immersive travel stories, filled with experiences, personal growth and inspiration (on the backdrop of original orchestral compositions), and interesting interviews delving into the ins and outs of travel (travel tips, packing, budget travel etc.)- Travel Stories Podcast is a place for freedom, wisdom and experiencing the journey.

118. The Truth
THE TRUTH makes movies for your ears. They're short stories that are sometimes dark, sometimes funny, and always intriguing. Every story is different, but they all take you to unexpected places using only sound. If you're new, some good starting places are: Silvia's Blood, That's Democracy, Moon Graffiti, Tape Delay, or whatever's most recent. Listening with headphones is encouraged! We're a proud member of Radiotopia from PRX.

119. Tumanbay
Tumanbay, heart of a vast empire, is threatened by a rebellion and a mysterious force devouring the empire from within. Epic saga inspired by the Mamluk slave dynasty of Egypt.

120. Urban Dharma
Kusala Bhikshu and his Urban Dharma; an American born Buddhist monk living in Los Angeles, California. Kusala shares his understanding of Buddhism in a simple, non-technical way through stories, humor and personal insights.

121. Vinland Radio
Your home for the best in Death metal, Black metal, Thrash, Power Metal and more. Listen for great interviews and CD giveaways.

122. What's This Tao All About?
"Whats This Tao All About?" is a beginner's guide to Taoism and the Tao Te Ching hosted by Dr. Carl Totton a Tao master, member of the Martial Arts Hall of Fame, and Doctor of Psychology. The co-host is Tod Perry, the host of the popular comedy podcasts Low Budget FM, Far Out! and The Original Kings of Podcasting.

123. Wireless Nights
Jarvis Cocker explores the human condition after dark, with stories of night people

124. Yeah It's That Bad - Complete Archive
Welcome to the complete collection of Yeah, It's That Bad, containing every episode previously uploaded to iTunes, as well as every premium episode and After Dark special. Yeah, It's That Bad was a movie podcast that reviewed movies that are considered to be awful remakes, box office bombs, useless sequels, and other critically hated films. At the end of each episode, Joel, Martin, and Kevin ask the question: "Is it really that bad"?

125. You Must Remember This
You Must Remember This is a storytelling podcast exploring the secret and/or forgotten histories of Hollywood’s first century. It’s the brainchild and passion project of Karina Longworth (founder of Cinematical.com, former film critic for LA Weekly), who writes, narrates, records and edits each episode. It is a heavily-researched work of creative nonfiction: navigating through conflicting reports, mythology, and institutionalized spin, Karina tries to sort out what really happened behind the films, stars and scandals of the 20th century.

126. The Zen Thinking Podcast
A podcast from Brian Thompson, Zen vegan poet, living on a mountain by the sea, writing about our common state of being, non-duality & infinity—author of Sparks to Awaken. Featuring discussions on mindful living, inner awakening, transformation and transcendent awareness — with a new episode every Thursday. The Zen Thinking Podcast shares teachings and experiences of Zen wisdom, Non-Duality, Taoist and Buddhist philosophy—in an informal manner—through an awakened personal narrative, to help you understand the nature of your true self so that you can live peacefully in the present moment.

127. 1951 Down Place
1951 Down Place is the monthly Hammer Films discussion podcast.

128. 2 And Out CFL Podcast
A CFL football podcast brought to you by John Fraser & Travis Currah to talk about fantasy CFL, CFL news, everything else Canadian football with a little (or a lot) of nonsense mixed in!

129. 5 Live Science Podcast
5 live's science podcast, featuring Dr Karl.

130. 5 Live Sport Specials
Showcasing 5 live Sport’s one-off specials, featuring in-depth interviews and coverage with the biggest names from the world of sport.

And if you're wondering "how on earth does he keep up with all that?", I guess the answer is... I don't, actually. I'm constantly behind by a couple of years. But it all surely keeps me entertained when I'm out and about walking or in the car, and will do for a long time to come. Did I mention that it's ALL FREE?
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